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Magnetic attachment


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Suitable for use with the new NOVAFON generation. The tapered shape of the magnetic attachment bundles and amplifies the sound waves. This enables the selective, intensified treatment of deep-lying treatment areas. The tip of the attachment contains a magnet with a strength of 3200 Gauss.

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Magnetic attachment new generation


What can I use the magnetic attachment for?

It is particularly suitable for the treatment of trigger points or deep-lying treatment areas.

Does the magnetic attachment fit my device?

The magnetic attachment fits the new NOVAFON. It is not compatible with devices of the older generation.

Is there a difference between the chrome coloured and the golden attachment?

No, it is only the coating that is different.

How big is the magnetic attachment?

The attachment has a height from the tip to the screw of about 3 cm.

How do you clean the attachment?

If used privately, clean the housing and attachment elements using a clean cloth dampened with clear water or a mild soapy solution.

How do I swap an attachment?

Each attachment can be easily and effortlessly attached or removed by twisting it 90°.