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DAS NOVAFON power offers a wide range of intensities - from very gentle to strong. Due to its more intense vibration level, DAS NOVAFON power is particularly suitable for the treatment of larger muscle areas. The vibrations generated are stronger than with the DAS NOVAFON due to the higher vibration amplitude.

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Scope of delivery

DAS NOVAFON power disk attachment ball attachment power plug USB-C charging cable adapter for optional attachments

Product features

Multi-function button
Level 1 — 100 vibrations per second (Hertz)

Level 1 — 100 vibrations per second (Hertz)

Level 2 — 50 vibrations per second (Hertz)

Level 2 — 50 vibrations per second (Hertz)

3 stages of intensity per frequency

3 stages of intensity per frequency

On the whole body

On the whole body

– Highest intensity level<br>– Battery – 3,5 h battery life with continuous use<br>– Various gripping and holding positions, intuitive one-hand control<br>– Easy to change the attachment<br>– Made in Germany

– Highest intensity level
– Battery – 3,5 h battery life with continuous use
– Various gripping and holding positions, intuitive one-hand control
– Easy to change the attachment
– Made in Germany

Approx. 0.5 Pounds

Type Li-ion, 3400mAh, 3.7V
Operating time at 700mA approx. 3.5hrs
Charging time approx. 3hrs

Charging cable
Components: USB-C cable, adapter
Colour: white
Length: 3.28 ft

100Hz (level 1) / 50Hz (level 2)

Intensity levels
3 per setting

Up to 0.01 ft

Mains adaptor
Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Output: 5V DC / 2A

Material of housing and attachments
Engineering plastics

Perfect addition
Charging stand (dark grey)


What’s the difference between this NOVAFON and the older version?

The biggest differences are in the battery, ease of use, wider range of intensity, and new design. To see all the differences in detail, go to the device comparison.

Is this device suitable for my area of expertise or my problem?

You will be given a direct recommendation under "Therapy" for a particular device depending on the area that you wish to treat.

How do I clean the device housing and attachments?

For cleaning, disconnect the device from the power circuit. Clean the housing and attachments using a clean cloth dampened with clear water or a mild soapy solution. As a general rule, NOVAFON recommends alcohol-free disinfectants that are suitable for use on sensitive surfaces, if necessary, dry off with a soft cloth.

Which settings does the device have, and what are they used for?

With the top of the multi-function button the vibration intensity can be adjusted. The lower part of the multi-funtion button sets the frequency: 100 Hz/50 Hz/OFF

My NOVAFON gets very hot at the front. What should I do? And how long should a treatment take?

The therapeutic application should not exceed a maximum of two 20-minute treatment units per day. Please note that the NOVAFON must be switched off for 15 minutes after using it for 20 minutes in order to avoid overheating. When applied to sensitive areas (e.g. face, neck, head) or very painful body parts, the duration of application duration should be reduced and adjusted to accommodate individual requirements.

When must I not use the device?

Treatments with the NOVAFON sound wave device are not permitted:
· on open wounds / eczema (in the body region to be treated)
· if you suffer from arteriosclerosis (in the body region to be treated)
· if you currently suffer from epilepsy
· during pregnancy
· if you have implants (in the body region to be treated)
· if you have a pacemaker
· if you suffer from thrombosis (in the body region to be treated)
· if you have a brain pacemaker
· if you suffer from cardiac arrhythmias
· if you have a tumour

Side effects: Please note that in rare cases the following side effects may occur:
· Increased pain / unpleasant sensation
· Nausea / dizziness
· Skin irritation
· Reflex / involuntary muscle contractions
Please discontinue the treatment immediately, if you experience any of these side effects. Please note that slight reddening and warming is not a cause for concern. This is a desired effect of local vibration therapy, which is caused by the increased blood flow.

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