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Transport case
A high quality case for safe storage of the NOVAFON Sound Wave Device with a robust outer cover and upholstered inner lining. This protects the devices from dust and scratches and from external knocks. The variable inner divider and the...
NOVAFON classic
NOVAFON classic
This is the original version of the NOVAFON sound wave devices. It has proved its worth in local vibration therapy for many years. It comes with one 100 Hz frequency level.
The all-rounder comes with two frequency levels, 50 Hz and 100 Hz, and is able to send vibrations deep into the tissue. The folding extension handle is designed for maximum ease of use.
NOVAFON power chrom
This is the most powerful among our sound wave devices as it uses the strongest vibrations. The NOVAFON power comes with two frequency levels, 50 Hz and 100 Hz, and provides the highest intensity.
ab €249.00
NOVAFON 4 Jahre Garantie
4 year warranty
Extend your warranty to 48 months.
Ball attachment
This standard attachment is used for small-area and precise treatments. The ball attachment can be screwed onto all devices without problem.
Disk attachment
This standard attachment is suitable for flat treatment of larger and easy-to-wipe body areas.
Micro fibre cloth
Micro fibre cloth
The NOVAFON micro fibre cloth is particularly gentle on chrome and plastic surfaces due to its special material composition (scratch-resistant). Its cleaning performance is much better than average, even for greasy contamination. It is...