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Pre-order! Available from May 21

Pre-order now! The Physio set, consisting of fascia ball, fascia fork and fascia wedge, provides the ideal add-on for your wireless NOVAFON device and is especially suitable for the treatment of fascia. The fascia ball is suitable for the treatment of large-scale muscle groups (especially concave surfaces such as crook of the arm or waist) as well as for targeted treatments. The fascia fork can be used for targeted treatment of muscle strands and surrounding fascia tissue. Deep-set muscular interstices and larger parts of the body can be treated effectively with the fascia wedge.

The Physio set is available in two colours.

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What can I use the Physio attachments for?

Fascia ball
- For treatment of large-scale muscle groups e.g. arms, legs and back, especially concave surfaces (crook of the arm, waist or hollow of the knee)
- For targeted treatments e.g. in the neck and shoulder area
- For relief of tension in the jaw muscles
Fascia fork
- For targeted treatment of muscle strands and surrounding fascia tissue, greater penetration depth into soft tissue
- Particularly suitable for the area beside the spine (ATTENTION: Do not place attachment directly on the vertebra! Risk of injury!)
- For treatment of insensitive, extensive scar tissue
Fascia wedge
- For targeted treatment of individual muscle strands and attachments
- For extensive treatment of larger parts of the body and muscle strands
- For treatment of deepset muscular interstices and fascia tissue

Do the Physio attachments fit my device?

The Physio attachments fit the new NOVAFON devices. They are not compatible with devices of the older generation.

How do I clean the attachments?

For professional and clinical use, NOVAFON Physio attachments must be disinfected with a surface disinfectant for medical devices before and after each application. Generally, NOVAFON recommends alcohol-free disinfectants that are suitable for use on sensitive surfaces, such as SinAlc sensitive by HIMED or RHEOSEPT-WD plus wipes by Rheosol. If necessary, wipe it dry with a soft cloth. For the ‘pin attachment’, we specifically recommend a non-alcoholic disinfectant spray, e.g. SinAlc Sensitive by HIMED or a comparable product for surface disinfection of medical devices. In case of dirt or if otherwise necessary, clean the attachments with a brush and a neutral cleaner under running water before disinfecting. For domestic, non-clinical use, clean the attachments with a damp cloth, under running water or in a mild soapy solution.

How do I swap an attachment?

Each attachment can be easily and effortlessly attached or removed by twisting it 90°.

What materials are the attachments made of?

The NOVAFON Physio attachments are made of high-quality plastic specifically designed for medical applications. Please store them in a cool and dry place.

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