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This set comprises all 4 intraoral attachments: Tongue depressor attachment, arrowhead attachment, spoon attachment and ball bar. These attachments enable intraoral application of the vibrations. The vibrations are applied intraorally for stimulation during sensory and motor disturbances in the mouth region via different forms and surfaces. This application is aimed primarily at professional users (therapists).

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Can I use the attachments on more than one patient?

Yes. For the correct procedure, please look at the instruction manual for the attachments. You can find these on the product or also in the Download Area.

I am a specialist, but nevertheless unsure of the application. Where can I get help?

For simple questions regarding application/operation, please telephone our customer service. For specialist, therapeutic areas of application, we also offer training courses with special experts, who have already been working with the attachments for a long time.

For which application do I use which intraoral attachment?

Depending on the size, length and structure of each attachment, your spectrum of applications is widened by intraoral attachments.

Examples of application

Tongue depressor attachment: Flat tapping on the tongue; tongue edge and cheek stimulation; holding the tongue depressor between the lips

Arrowhead attachment: Ability to sense different surfaces; stimulation of the tongue, cheeks, lips; tongue furrow formation

Spoon attachment: Training tongue tip motility; stimulation of the back of the tongue; application of small amounts of food

Ball bar: Indicates place of articulation; stimulation of the palatine arches; tongue furrow formation

I am a private person. Can I use the attachments myself?

The intraoral attachments are intended for professional use only. They are only to be used by trained, specialist medical personnel or under strict supervision of such a person. Attention: improper use may result in injury.

When may I not use the intraoral attachments?

Application of the intraoral attachments is not permissible for:
- Inflammation and injury to the oral mucosa (aphthae, thrush, bleeding, mucositis, etc.)
- Open wounds in the oral cavity
- Tumours in the oral cavity
- Bite reactions / excessive reflexes
Caution: Be careful to avoid touching the teeth with the attachments as much as possible, as this can be particularly unpleasant for existing tooth infections.

How do the attachments function?

First plug the intraoral attachment into the adapter. Then screw the adapter together with the attachment onto your NOVAFON sound wave device. If you wish to change or remove the attachment, unscrew the adapter with the attachment from the device. Then remove the attachment from the adapter by carefully pulling it off. Please note that it may be necessary to apply light counter-pressure to the attachment with the fingers so that it does not detach from the fixture.

Is the adapter included in the scope of delivery?

Yes. When ordering any attachment, you receive an adapter already connected to an attachment.

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